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LIT is a talent search of the new millennium organised by LIT Talents Management Agency Singapore.

LIT is a competition that seeks out rising stars who are multi-talented with the ability to attract a strong fanbase through social media.

Just having a good voice is no longer enough! The modern superstar now comes as a package; they have the x-factor, and are able to sing, act, model, host, and are social media savvy. To build up this portfolio of skills, LIT is the first contest of its kind to feature a week- long bootcamp training session.

Singer of the year

Singer of the Year

“Singer of the Year” is a singing competition that seeks the ultimate performer with vocal
prowess. This competition also demands the singer to be versatile in presentation styles.

Competitions :

  1. Classical
  2. Musical Theater
  3. Jazz
  4. English Pop
  5. World Music ( Non English )

Category :

A. Solo
B. Group ( 2-24 )